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The Rev. Brian Hughes


Brian serves as the Rector (Head Pastor) of Holy Spirit Anglican Church.  As rector, Fr. Brian leads the rest of the staff in serving the congregation by overseeing the worship of the church, preaching, teaching, and leading discipleship efforts so that all might be formed as disciples of Jesus.


Amy Dewey

Parish Administrator

Amy serves our church by stewarding the generosity of our congregation.  Amy recruits, equips, and deploys servant leaders for our Sunday morning worship service.  Additionally, she oversees our financial generosity with the help of the finance team.

Ingrid Cribbs.JPG

Ingrid Cribbs

Director of Spiritual Formation

Ingrid serves as our Director of Spiritual Formation. In this role, Ingrid oversees and equips ministries aimed at forming us into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, particularly are Small Groups and Discipleship Groups.


Gwen D'Luzansky

Family Ministries Coordinator

Gwen's role as Family Ministries Coordinator involves coaching and coordinating our Children's Education, Youth Ministry, and Family Discipleship leadership, ensuring a coherent experience of discipleship from birth to high school graduation. 


Masashi Nakamura

Director of Musical Worship

Masa leads our musical worship through his many talents.  He rehearses with the choral team, plays piano and guitar during the service, and often leads our singing vocally.


The Rev. David Montzingo

Associate Rector for Clergy Formation

David serves as our associate rector for clergy formation.  In this role, he guides any who feel called into ordained ministry through the discernment process.  His role also includes the ongoing formation of clergy, even after ordination.  David was the founding pastor of Holy Spirit Anglican Church.


The Rev. Jack Davenport

Emeritus Clergy

Fr. Jack serves as an Emeritus Clergy at Holy Spirit Anglican Church. In this role, Jack helps to lead our worship, preaches, and teaches.


The Vestry of Holy Spirit Church works with the Rector to maintain fidelity to our vision and ensure financial integrity in the church's finances.  In addition to this, they advise the Rector on decisions and serve as visible leaders in the congregation.

Jan Bauman.jpg

Jan Bauman

Vestry Member


Jeff Linam

Vestry Member

Brandon Zeek.jpg

Brandon Zeek

Vestry Member

Neal Erlandsen.jpg

Neal Erlandsen

Rector's Warden

As our Rector's Warden, Neal leads the vestry (governing board) of Holy Spirit Anglican Church.  He plans and leads vestry meetings and is an integral part of the church's decision making process.

Erinn Eddingfield.JPG

Erinn Eddingfield

People's Warden

As our People's Warden, Erinn serves as the primary contact between the congregation and the vestry.  Along with Neal (Rector's Warden) and Fr. Brian, Erinn helps to plan and lead the vestry's efforts to serve the church.

Ethan Wade.jpg

Ethan Wade

Vestry Member

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